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Hi there! My name is James Plotts and I'm a shed manufacturer by day, indie coder by night. This is my developer website. I live in northwest Kansas with my beautiful wife, Charlotte, have a great Husky-German Sheppard named Gunner, and I like Jim Beam. (And hot-tubbin' in the rain and snow, with Jim Beam.)

I've written a lot of small utility applications over the years, a few Access databases, and numerous games. I'm proficient with .NET framework languages, PHP and am an experienced network administrator.

I'm currently writing a D&D 4.0 compatible combat engine library for use in the .NET framework. It turned out to be quite momentous with all the different ability, skill and spell interactions possible, but I am enjoying the challenge of implementing this combat system into what will be the core for many fun games.

I've named my Indie company Eternal Codeworks, and will showcase my work here. I don't know whether I will make a lot of money doing this, but I plan to have fun!


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